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Snapshots & Volumes

On-demand snapshots of your virtual machine instance to save your data and configuration. Volumes are highly available SSD-backed block devices that provide expandable data storage for compute instances.


Version 3.3.0

The reason for the big gap between the current and the last version is that we have replaced the complete backend in the background. But now it's time to start again. With the latest version comes a completely new control panel design and the object storage service.


Version 1.4

This release includes several improvements under the hood, alongside some general bug fixes.


Version 1.3 (Go-Live)

The first public release of the CloudBit Cloud Platform comes with basic computing features such as easy-to-use control panel, fast provisioning, Linux and Windows support, post-boot automation, RESTful API and advanced networking functionality based on the AWS-like VPC concept.

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