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CloudBit Kubernetes is a simple, managed, and affordable Swiss-based Kubernetes service. Starting at CHF 0.042/hr or CHF 30/mo.


With our control panel, it's incredibly easy to deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters on demand.


We make it easy to run Kubernetes in the cloud, by managing the control plane (master) node for you.


Thanks to the best-effort SLA principle, we are able to offer the service at exceptionally low and attractive prices.

Other Benefits




Everything is hosted in a professional data center in Zurich, Switzerland (BIT1).




With CloudBit Kubernetes, you get highest level of network isolation by default. It comes standard with advanced networking features such as private networks (VPCs) and firewalls (Security Groups) at no additional cost.




Start small, grow big. Unleash more computing power or increase your storage capacity right when your project actually needs it.


Wizard-guided provisioning

With the wizard of our intuitive control panel, provisioning Kubernetes clusters couldn't be simpler.

Native Kubernetes (K8s)

It comes with a cloud native Kubernetes experience and full support for the Kubernetes-tools ecosystem. Use kubectl CLI, API, or any Kubernetes tool you know for a fully consistent user experience.


Our API makes it easy to create, update and manage your clusters through API in a programmatic way.

Simple management

Reboot. Rebuild. Cordon. Drain. Use predefined actions in the control panel to manage Kubernetes nodes.

One-click cluster scaling

Scale your clusters up or down with just one click, and Kubernetes logic does the rest for you.

Public or privat

The choice where the clusters are either publicly connected or completely isolated within a private subnet (VPC).

Security Groups

Use Security Groups (firewall) to secure your clusters and define which services and ports are accessible.

Health monitoring

Our platform continuously monitors the general health of your clusters, control plane (master node) and all worker nodes.

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Cloud Controller Manager

With our own CCM, other infrastructure resources as Volumes, Load Balancers, and VPCs are natively integrated into Kubernetes.

Flatcar Linux

Kubernetes nodes are based on Flatcar, the container-optimized Linux, an immutable, self-updating operating system designed for containers.

Traefik integration

Use the leading, built-in ingress controller based on Traefik for load balancing, certificate management, reverse proxy and more.

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